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Currently situated in Lancaster, UK 

A director in his own right, Alexander Appleby (b.1995, UK) recreates the nature he has experienced in scenarios of his own making. Influenced by the landscapes of Northern England, Appleby’s work is imbued with the native feel of the region, underpinned by the vivid colours and textures of its rugged terrain. His smooth-surfaced trees, mountains, and plants, meanwhile, serve as a device that invites a more focused look at the beauty of nature itself, where no two things are exactly alike.

Even as he draws inspiration from the real world, however, the artist does not limit himself to any single perspective, fusing the fictional data he encounters across different media with his paintings and developing them further. In Low Poly Landscape, the mechanical, daisy-like plants recall the graphic style of classic computer games, while the adaptation of multiple layered mountain ridges conveys a sense of vastness, forming a unique vista. Between the ambiguity of their improbable composition and their attempts to hold and celebrate the beauty of nature within each frame, these paintings act as standalone scenes that combine “nature” with “that which is not there” — boiling down to scenes of subtle disruption, contained moments of dépaysement.


Interview: It's Nice That 

Artsy: Alexander Appleby

Instagram: @a.a.paintings



Duo Show - Data Composition - The Untitled Void Gallery

Group Show - Natasha Arselan Projects - Maison Pan Gallery 

Duo Show with Louis Appleby - Castlegate House Gallery

In Bloom - Victoria Law Projects

Duo Show with Louis Appleby - Jewellers - Performance by Maxwell Sterling 

Group Show - Studio West Gallery - SUNBURN

Charity Auction - Art on a Postcard - Hoxton Gallery


Group Show Castlegate House Gallery

Digital UAL Art Toronto

Wimbledon College of Art, Final Degree Show

Through the Mirage, group show, Fitzrovia

Friends with Benefits, group show, Peckham


Capsticks Group Show 

Gallery 54 show


Bellwood and Wright Summer Show

Blackburn Museum displayed 3 paintings

Discerning Eye


Bellwood and Wright Group Show

UAL Origins show

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